TVARIT GmbH : Selected by European Data Incubator (EDI) as one of the most innovative industrial AI company in Europe

Bilbao, Spain | 20th Feb 2020

The German tech company Tvarit GmbH has again proved its strength and technology competency by being one of the winners of the EDI 2020 experiment phase round in Spain.

Tvarit has developed an innovative AI solution to optimize instore ambient conditions to increase sales for one of the largest retail companies in Europe. With the rapid increase in online shopping, it is becoming more and more difficult for retailers to attract customers to their stores. To solve this complex and critical problem, Tvarit used both internal data like Point of Sales (PoS) data, environment sensors data, promotion data, mapping table and external data such as weather, holiday, demographics and so on to create the AI model with best use-cases and highest accuracy.

Tvarit also prepared the dashboards so that customer can see all the relevant KPIs to measure and compare store performances, predictive analytics to estimate basket size and demand for each category up to 10 days in advance and prescriptive analytics to suggest what should be the ambient conditions, discounts and price the customer should keep to increase sales. Tvarit developed a complete and true AI solution for retail companies by connecting all the main business processes by using their domain knowledge and AI expertise.

Finally, EDI announced Tvarit as one of the 8 winners among 490 EU companies, by comprehensively evaluating their solution on both technical and business scale. As result of this, Tvarit will participate in the last phase of EDI incubator, namely EVOLVE, where it will receive 100k euros of equity-free funding to turn this solution into a marketable solution.

Further information about it can be found at

About Tvarit GmbH: It is a German company based in Frankfurt, Germany. They build and provide AI solutions to solve all kinds of manufacturing problems and data science needs. They provide AI Solutions, AI platform and AI consulting services to successfully complete your all AI and data science projects. Recently, we have achieved many prestigious awards for which we were recognized as one of the most innovative AI company in Europe and Germany.

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We’re based out of Frankfurt Germany having the perfect team composition - a German founder bringing vast know-how of machinery coupled with high-quality software expertise of the Indian founders.