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22 December 2019 “These refine ideas are now going to turn into real products”, says Diego López-de-Ipiña, European Data Incubator Project Coordinator. #EDI and etventure strive to develop not only products that can add value to businesses but also #BigDataSolutions that help organisations to make better decisions. 20 December 2019 Our CTO Mr.Rahul Prajapat presenting Tvarit AI at Infineon Technologies in Dresden. 12 December 2019 Hear our CEO Mr.Suhas Patel on his journey so far and how he plans to grow Tvarit into the first unicorn from Frankfurt. Many thanks to for organizing it and helping us to reach out to a wider audience. 1 December 2019 From day 2 of SPS - Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg. Our team is fully excited and ready to answer all your questions regarding digitalizing of smart factories and use of AI and data science algorithms to make your factories more profitable by reducing operational and production costs. Huge thanks to IBM for their strong support. 28 November 2019 We will be presenting most innovative solutions for Industry 4.0, smart production and digital transformation in SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2019. 10 November 2019 Many thanks to OpenPOWER Foundation for inviting us to speak in IBM OpenPOWER EU Summit 2019 in Lyon, France. Our Business Development Director Mr Hitesh Mittal talked about the following 2 October 2019 Tvarit GmbH thanks Turbine Kreuzberg and Disrupt Network for letting us conduct design thinking based Industrial AI workshop in Stuttgart. It was wonderful experience where participants could build their manufacturing AI/ML use-cases using Tvarit Industrial AI solution. 28 September 2019 Last week we participated in Startupnight Berlin via E.ON #corporatechallenge. We are very grateful to E.ON, :agile accelerator team for giving us an opportunity to present our AI solution for the challenge of "Intelligent building energy management systems". Huge thanks to Inga Land, Markus Grote, Jens Weymann and Matthias Holder for their support. 27 September 2019 It was a wonderful experience participating in #IFA2019 Berlin. We demonstrated how Tvarit AI can help electronic manufacturing industries in reducing costs across all the verticals including sourcing, production, supply chain etc. 25 September 2019 Huge thanks to KAMAX team and IAA team for selecting us for Kamax industrial challenge. We have developed a fully intelligent automated system from customer order to the ensuring of successful and timely delivery of the order. With the help of our revolutionary AI software you can identify the fruitful data and eliminate any kind of errors in your ERP SAP, MES, DCS/PLC systems automatically. 20 September 2019 Huge thanks to VDMA and EMO Hannover for giving us an opportunity to present our revolutionary industrial AI technology for manufacturing industry. We have developed state-of-the-art AI technology for machines and tools manufactures. Our AI technology doesn't require any big data, our AI software can find business use-cases and good data automatically. 17 September 2019 Proud moment for #Tvarit for winning the Industrial Challenge at World's one of the biggest Auto Expo, #IAA #Frankfurt. We'll be showcasing our revolutionary Industrial AI product at IAA Exhibition on 11-13th Sep 2019. 7 September 2019 We are pleased to present our revolutionary AI technology at IFA 2019 Come and discover the latest AI business use-cases in manufacturing industry. An exponential market, an exponential growth, an exponential challenges. 5 August 2019 Our CEO Mr. Suhas Patel speaks on the topic of "AI in manufacturing" at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Thanks a lot Disrupt Network for organizing this event and giving us an opportunity to speak on this topic. He explained how Tvarit AI technology is different and better. Also, how manufacturing companies can achieve scalability and fast 360 degree identification of business use-cases in a single click. 22 July 2019 We are proud to announce that the most revolutionary technology incubation program for startups has been launched. 15 July 2019 Tvarit scored 5/5 (100%) for its innovative Industrial AI technology and has been selected as one of the best big data startups in Europe by EDI (European Data Incubator) out of 490 innovative AI startups. Thanks to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. We'll prove ourselves with support from German automobile & manufacturing ecosystem. 14 July 2019 Join us on Wednesday, July 17th at 3.00 PM to learn how Artificial intelligence is changing the Manufacturing sectors. This is our fourth webinar and this time we will share more deep knowledge about the technology and industries associated with it. 20 June 2019 Our Co-founder and CTO Rahul Prajapat speaks on the topic of "Use of AI to save your energy bills" at an AI meet up event in Frankfurt, Germany. He shared cases from India and US where Tvarit GmbH helped customers in achieving substantial amount of savings on their energy bills. 15 June 2019 We are excited to announce the collaborative partnership with CloudRail. At Tvarit GmbH, we are passionate about giving best AI solutions to our clients. We work hard to ensure that our features and partnerships enable us to give our customers best AI solutions quickly. A big thanks to Patrick Stoklasa, Suhas Patel and Hitesh Mittal for making it possible. 30 May 2019 Enjoyed 2 days event. Glimpses of the final day@#ZVEI #Annual #Congress 2019 EVENT. Got chance meet many industry experts on the final day. 29 May 2019 Huge Success@ZVEI Event. Feeling proud to be selected as one of the 6 startups to present its AI Software in #ZVEI Jahreskongress to C-level executives of its 1600 German manufacturing industry members. A great achievement for our team! 15 May 2019 Business users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet on 16- 18 May 2019 in #VIVA #Technology #Paris #event to discuss the latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. 11 May 2019 Visit us in VivaTech Paris @ stand H44 03 10 May 2019 Here we go & welcome you all. Let us meet at #VIVA #TECHNOLOGY 2019 #Paris event. World’s brightest #minds & #talents gathering is taking place in Paris on 16–18 May 2019. Meet us at H44 03 - Hall 7 April 2019 Final day@#VIVA #TECHNOLOGY 2019 #PARIS EVENT. Excited to meet you on the final day, so come & meet us at H44 03 - Hall. Know more at 5 April 2019 Final Day 5 at #HM19 Fair Meet us at Stand G21, Hall 13 4 April 2019 2nd-day @#VIVA #TECHNOLOGY 2019 #PARIS EVENT. Meet us at H44 03 - Hall. 31 March 2019 Business users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet on 1-5 April 2019 in #Hannover #Messe (#HM19) fair to discuss the latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. 30 March 2019 #Hannover #Messe (#HM19) fair will bring together over 20,000 visitors in the five days including #IT #decision #makers, heads of #innovation, #chief #data #officers, chief #data #scientists, #brand #managers, #data #analysts, #startups and #innovators, #tech #providers, and #venture #capitalists. Meet us at Stand G21, Hall 13. 25 March 2019 Here we #welcome you all at #HM19 Fair Meet us at Stand G21, Hall 13 10 March 2019 German Startups Association mentioned our company (#Tvarit) in an update.

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We’re based out of Frankfurt Germany having the perfect team composition - a German founder bringing vast know-how of machinery coupled with high-quality software expertise of the Indian founders.