About Tvarit

Tvarit GmbH takes pride in being an innovative & a customer-oriented company with reliable technical roots. We operate with an extensive nexus of technical and business professionals, withholding years of experience in establishing crucial projects with MNCs in Europe.

Our Culture
Tvarit comes from Sanskrit language which means 'Fast'. Our company stands up to its name by valuing 'Fast & Persistent' output. Further the letters A and I shows our strong knowledge in AI field. The very first letter of our name, the robotic arm shaped T, signifies that our customers are the manufacturing and automobile companies.


Johannes Mathies

Head of Cooperation
  • Business Transformer & Opportunity Creator
  • Experience from Airbus
  • Dipl.-Ing. Aerospace Engineering, MBA with focus on Strategy and Management

Suhas Patel

CEO & Data Strategy Expert
  • 14 years building startups in Germany
  • Worked with Fortune 500 firms like Intel, Qualcomm
  • Ex-President TiE Deutschland

Rahul Prajapat

  • M.Tech from IIT Mumbai & TU Darmstadt
  • Work experience with NASA, NTT, Linde, IFM
  • Awards from MIT GSW, Harvard project for Asia

Juergen Halt

R&D Director
  • Business Transformation by utilizing R&D
  • Brings huge experience from SAP and HP
  • Research Background from Fraunhofer

Hitesh Mittal

Director Sales & Marketing
  • Bridge between customers and team
  • AI in Control Systems at Continental, Reliance
  • European Business School Alumni

Marvin Dadischeck

Business Development Manager
  • Creating Value Propositions for Customers
  • Hails from Business Administration background
  • Work experience with Audi, Federal-Mogul

Kamal Galrani

Data Scientist
  • Geekiest amongs geeks and an amateur physicist
  • Hails from India's best institute: IIT Bombay
  • 2nd position at ASME competition at San Diego, California

Peter Spinks

Industry 4.0 Reporting
  • Experienced writing for the BBC, the Guardian
  • Master's Degree in Research Psychology
  • Popular for running workshops on Advanced Technologies
BenefiTS #1

Steel production- quicker, precise, easier. How?

Tvarit AI, promising to make your life easier toiled to turn steel production smarter. Our team set up an APA tool to predict the quality of steel produced accurately and swifter. Earlier a gruesome huge batch of processing machines, fluxing iron ore, and scrap metal looked irksome. But our team helped envisage the precise amount of impurities such as nitrogen, silicon, phosphorus and excess carbon to be removed from the raw iron, and alloying elements such as manganese, nickel, chromium, and vanadium to be added to produce different grades of steel. Tvarit Solution helped company predicting the quality of steel being produced on a real-time basis and further gave actionable insights to reduce the number of defective coils thus changing the game.

BenefiTS #2

When will my machine break?

Predicting life expectancy is always harsh. When it comes to machines, it is rather important though. Tvarit on the cue helps reduce the wrinkles of doubts about when the machine or its component will get out of function. On the same lines, we executed our model for a construction company. The key challenge was to spot the failure patterns in various SPN IDs and FMI IDs coming in DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) from CAN bus which is attached to machine’s engine. Next, we captured the sustaining time of a particular DTC. Once that was done, it was easy to apply ML / DL algorithms to predict the period a DTC persists, and whether the machine is going to breakdown or not and notify the responsible person. This is what Tvarit AIms for, upgrading your lives.

BenefiTS #3

The truck and the backup battery

A truck company approached us with a normal problem- we rent trucks and our backup battery cost is soaring. Basically, they wanted to reduce the backup battery cost for their fleet. One back up battery cost them 7000 euro and had its own restrictions. It could not be used in each and every truck. So, we tabulated the distance covered, fuel consumption in eco mode/start mode, battery voltage and current data to predict the need for a backup battery for a given truck. This solved their problem, was cost efficient, smarter and as promised, easier and upgraded by Tvarit AI.

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