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We have developed a state-of-the-art technology which is powered by AI. Tvarit's Automated Predictive Analysis (APA) tool has widened the space for AI applications with 22+ algorithms developed by our in-house team of industry experts.   We enable businesses to make smart and informed decisions by deriving actionable and valuable insights from a sea of data. It can be implemented to optimize asset management, supply chain management, inventory management, quality management, and workflow distribution process in manufacturing.

An insight into the world of APA-APA is the key to ease all the business hassle, to increase all the efficiency, to add all the precision. Instead of looking backward to analyze "what happened?" predictive analytics help executives answer "What's next?" and "What should we do about it?" With the assimilation of the digital and human world, the future beholds a manufacturing metamorphosis. Preparing and contributing for the revolution, Tvarit AI extends it's services in APA to offer the following: Explore the world of Predictive Analytics with us now!

Benefits of APA


We have developed supervised & non- supervised ML algorithms which analysis all structured and non-structured data to predict failure with 97.2% real-time accuracy. They provide actionable information on real time circumstances under which real breakdown is going to happen and alert you much before the time to take suitable action. It can help you in increasing uptime, reducing operational and capital expenses and better streamlining of workflow.

Inventory Optimization

We have developed word-class solution for inventory optimization which not only analysis multi-structured data but also learns from them in continuous manner. By using our solution, you will be able to get live recommendations, reduce inventory costs and better visibility of future uncertainties.

Sensors Health Maintenance

Our solution enables you to reduce maintenance expenses and increase customer satisfaction by resolving issues in a remote and quick manner. It gives you the priority list of sensors which are going to fail in near future.

Energy Saving

Our solution enables you to optimize energy management by utilizing highest number of AI algorithms. It generates better energy demand predictive models and gives you better visibility to see future uncertainties and energy saving opportunities. It enables you to automatically manage and optimize operations in real time. It can help you in achieving your carbon emission and sustainability goals.

Quality Management

Our smart and simple solution enables you to increase the precision, efficiency and speed of your quality control process. It can help you in reducing the number of faulty parts and the high costs resulting from them by proactively identifying the mistakes and faults that negatively affects your production process and quality of your products. We do this by making your manufacturing process and machines smarter.



Our vision is to build scalable and sustainable Automated Predictive Analytics (APA) solutions which are invisible and assistive, allowing manufacturers to do what they love - efficient productions.
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We’re based out of Frankfurt Germany having the perfect team composition - a German founder bringing vast know-how of machinery coupled with high-quality software expertise of the Indian founders.
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