The Zero Waste Vision
for Metal Manufacturing

Industry-specific AI Solutions for Metal Manufacturing Companies to achieve Energy- and Resource-efficient Production with minimal Waste.

We are driven by the vision of sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing. Our sole objective is to support the global metal manufacturing industry with industry-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions on the path to achieving energy- and resource-efficient production with maximum manufacturing quality.

We take an ROI-focused approach to retain, expand and convert the company’s know-how into higher profitability (EBITDA) with our TVARIT Industrial AI (TiA).

Talk to us and learn more about how we can generate sustainable results for you with our intelligent solutions in just 2 to 3 months.

We know your

Our solution:


Reduce upto 60% Scrap using TVARIT’s AI based Prescriptive Quality Module

Our solution:

Cost Reduction Pressure

Reduce up to 8% per piece Production Cost

Our solution:

Rising Energy Costs & ESG

Reduce up to 30% Energy Consumption using TVARIT’s AI based Prescriptive Energy module

Our solution:

Unplanned Breakdowns

Tvarit AI helps increase machines’ availability up to 20%

Our solution:


Tvarit AI helps combining individual AI use cases to improve OEE

Our solution:

Knowledge Drain

Tvarit AI helps keeping all the information in software format making it sustainable for 100s of years

TVARIT at work
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TVARIT is the specialist in AI solutions for foundries and metalworking industries. One of our most important unique selling points is a Hybrid AI approach. We fuse physics equations into our AI models to ensure close to zero errors in our prediction. The second unique selling point is the use of “Transfer Learning” (TL). TL enables our software to use previously acquired knowledge and experience for other problems. This makes TiA highly scalable: we can roll out our solution to many machines in one plant in a very short time.

And finally, it is our team that makes TVARIT special: Our highly qualified experts come from renowned institutions such as TU Darmstadt, RWTH Aachen, Stanford University or the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Global trust
from industry experts

“As CIO of a global company, I have gained a lot of experience with solution providers. What makes TVARIT stand out here is their deep understanding of the manufacturing processes and their challenges. With a deep insight in focus areas to address for improvements, TVARIT has been able to deliver a high degree of innovativeness within short project implementation time. TVARIT industrial AI (TiA) provides clearly understandable insights into the manufacturing processes and helps to achieve objective and measurable results (such as improving OEE and the reduction of scrap).”

Esteban Remecz
Vice President & CIO

“Working with TVARIT is incredibly refreshing. Their young team of smart talents helps us to successfully implement the digital transformation of our company. The particularly high level of commitment and dedication that TVARIT brings to the joint projects is impressive. I am pleased about the positive results achieved so far and those to come.“​​

Dr. Alireza Tavakoli
Vice President Digitalization & CDO

Professor Aitor Goti about his experience working with TVARIT said
TVARIT has one of the best artificial intelligence technologies that I have ever seen

Prof. Aitor Goti Elordi
Director of Digital Industry Chair
of University of Deusto

“Tvarit’s approach to achieve quality optimization by combining very nicely the patterns coming from the data/AI, as well as domain knowledge, is great. The results from explainable AI and the recommended action items are easily understood by plant operations teams/users which is in general very helpful in calculating the impact of AI projects“​​


Manfred Hilger
Director F&B/CPG Mitsubishi Electric B.V.

Mitsubishi Electric

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