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Fast Implementation
Greater Impact

Sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing – combined with significant efficiency gains: This usually entails an elaborate process over several years. If you use industry specific AI instead, you only need a fraction of the time. With our TiA software, you can reduce scrap and energy consumption within six months.

Our AI solution (TiA) starts analysing the data generated from one machine in first step. It detects quality, process or energy deviations at an early stage and suggests suitable optimisation measures. In this first step, we guarantee savings/ROI within 6 months.

In the follow-up machines, only a third of the time and amount of data is required, as compared to the data required on first machine. You can rollout TiA to more than 50 machines in the plant and for more than 3 different use cases. The savings achieved while moving from one machine to rollout will increase your ROI by a factor of 100 to 300.

We support you during this step-by-step-journey – from sensor installation to PLC connectivity or cloud setup.

Smart entry

Start with AI on 1 Machine

Identifying the key challenges and losses of the plant to determine how our AI solutions will address the most beneficial pain points.

Our 3 step approach for your first machine:


ROI-driven Rollout

Flexible scalability in different direction

ANCHOR fastimplementation

Support Areas on the Journey to Digitalization

AI Readiness Levels

Tvarit supports you in the assessment of topics such as sensors, PLC connectivity, traceability and all the way up to cloud setup in the journey of doing AI based ROI driven rollout.

ANCHOR scalability

We make AI models scalable

Tvarit’s Patented Technology

It is not possible to copy paste your AI model from first machine to multiple machines because of the following four major differences in machine to machine:

  • Difference in total number of sensors in new machines
  • Difference in maintenance behaviour of new machines
  • Difference in product type (tool type) in the new machines
  • Difference in input material being used in new machines

Tvarit’s Easy to use no-code configuration to apply the first AI model to multiple other machines and product types.

Talk to us to find out more about our AI scale-up framework.

Our transfer learning: Your next Level

Transfer the learning from one machine to N machines in minimal time and minimal cost

Your Results

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