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We are driven by the vision of

sustainable and zero waste manufacturing

Our Story

TVARIT is a world-leading deep-tech company based in Frankfurt, Germany, specialising in the development and commercialisation of a patented industrial AI solution for foundries and metalworking industries. The company was established in 2019 by our founders Suhas Patel (Serial Entrepreneur) and Rahul Prajapat (IITian) based on what they call “business-driven philanthropy”. Striving for operational excellence and innovation is thereby deeply rooted in our DNA.

We are driven by the vision of sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing. Our goal is to pave the way for manufacturers worldwide to achieve maximum overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with virtually no waste, no energy loss, and next-generation production planning focused on energy efficiency, using our cutting-edge AI technology (TiA).

Our Numbers

The core essence of TVARIT is Acceleration. TVARIT (त्वरित) is a Sanskrit word, almost 3000 years old, it means fast & sustainable.

1600 MT CO2 saved per plant
4 Patents
70+ Experts
55+ Plants
Yearly 14+ Million
Euros Saved
3 R&D houses in IITB,
TU Darmstadt,
Stanford University
1600 MT CO2
saved per plant
50+ Experts
Yearly 14+ Million
Euros saved
4 Patents
55+ Plants
3 R&D houses in IITB,
TU Darmstadt,
Standford University

Our Team

Our expert team is made up of technocrats with world-class know-how, strategists who think outside the box, and developers who push for innovation.


We are backed by Europe’s Renowned Industrial Investors

We have strong support from our Industry Experts Board

Tvarit India Team

Our Partners in Change

We work with leading metal production partners to provide innovative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

Our Accolades

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