AI is overrated


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is overrated. Yes, we could teach a Google AI engine to avoid defects due to blowholes, low mold temperature, or low pouring pressure, but

Innovative technology to reduce foundry costs

New potentials for improving efficiency in foundries The efficiency boost achieved using Tvarit’s new TiA platform rests on four fundamental principles. The focus here is on reducing

AI – A need of the hour for Energy Conservation

Why is energy conservation the need of the hour? Can AI be the answer to it? Depletion of energy resources has been a cause for concern for

Process Optimisation in Production using AI

When one talks of introducing artificial intelligence to the metallurgical industry, the idea might seem baffling yet novel, but certainly not impossible. Metallurgical production encompasses several complex

The Rise of Metal AI: How Aluminium Price Hike Leads to More Investments in AI

Aluminium is the third most abundant metal in Earth’s crust, making up about 8.13% by mass in ore bauxite. And yet, the manufacturing industry faces an imminent

Magnesium Supply Shortage – A threat to Aluminium Industry

The global aluminium supply chain faces an unprecedented threat – a cascading effect of magnesium smelters being shut down due to China’s power crisis. With China accounting

AI for Sustainability in Metal Production

The metal manufacturing industry plays a prominent role in the global economy and has always been the frontier of technological innovation. It is also a primal industry

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