How can AI become a catalyst in EV production?

EVs are electrical vehicles that run on a motor that requires electricity instead fossil fuel. According to a report by McKinsey EVs will have a market share of 30-35% in China, Europe and the States. With the rising costs of fuel and the changing pattern of the way we travel today has led many automobile manufacturers to explore electrification of automobiles.

By leveraging AI and other technologies like data analytics and IoT the maintenance, and monitoring of EV production can be further improved. The application of AI in improving EVs, facilitating EV charging stations, and EV integration with the smart grid is critically analyzed. Interestingly, manufacturing EVs has been a goal for many global influencers and today it is a reality.

According to a forecast by the International Energy Agency, the use of Electric Vehicles will grow from 3 million to 125 million by the year 2030. In addition to making EVs smarter, AI can also track the energy required to run an EV and the power required to set up charging stations. This will result in automation of the energy grid for EV production.

TiA – Tvarit Industrial AI Solution can be leveraged to build hybrid electric vehicles for energy and environment assessment for efficiently producing EVs. AI post-training the AI machine, EV manufacturers can set up a centralized system to collate data structures for effective data visualization. AI solutions are proving to be a great investment for EV production as it can be applied for EV production planning, testing and infrastructure planning for manufacturers.

Besides effective energy consumption and distribution within the EV sphere, a vital use case of implementation of AI can be seen in creating battery management systems for EVs. These battery management systems, when powered by AI, ML and neural networks can record valuable data for EV manufacturers and researchers. Application of AI on an EV industrial level will bring down the testing time for various components of an EV.

AI proves to be an intelligent tenant of the EV revolution as it not only streamlines production planning but also helps in reducing manufacturing wastage by optimizing production and resource planning. Analyzing required raw materials, energy, and human resource to manufacture EVs on different scales can be carried out effectively with an industrial AI solution like TiA. AI can be leveraged at multiple places in the EV market like electric vehicle life cycle assessment, AI in electric vehicles charging systems in industrial, commercial, and residential scenarios, AI techniques utilized in multi-agent systems for electric vehicles and in vehicle design, modeling and optimization.

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